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Clock PMS+ is a cutting-edge, cloud-based service designed for seamless use on all mobile and desktop devices that have a browser and an internet connection. Recognizing the vital importance of security in a digital world, we've incorporated robust security measures into the design of Clock PMS+. We offer several tiers of security, empowering you to select the access restrictions that best fit your needs.

Network Security

Given that Clock PMS+ can be accessed from virtually anywhere with an internet connection, we provide the option to limit access to your subscription. We've designed a unique tool that empowers you to control the networks from which users can access Clock PMS+. Here are your options:

Trusted Networks

Designate trusted networks from which users can access the Clock PMS+ service, such as your hotel's network. Users of Clock PMS+ can be categorized into two groups: those who can access the system from any location and those who can access it only through the trusted networks you specify.

Blacklisted Networks

This feature lets you block access to your subscription from a specific IP address or network instantly if you suspect unauthorized usage. This restriction applies to all subscription users. Use this function with caution to prevent accidentally blocking your own access.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA adds an extra layer of user authorization upon system access. It is compulsory when dealing with sensitive data, such as credit cards, user details and permissions, payment provider setups, and changing the subscription owner's details.

MFA Principle

To access your account, you will need to verify your identity using two factors: something you know (username and password) and something you possess (a smartphone that generates a one-time password). Each one-time, six-digit password generated by the app remains active for 60 seconds.

MFA activation applies to those users who will have access to sensitive data within the system.

Password Policy

This feature allows you to enforce a comprehensive, corporate policy on user passwords. You can set what the minimum password complexity is, how often it should be changed by users, and whether the new password can be like any of the passwords already in use.

You can create different policies for different types of users. For example, you can create a separate policy with lower password requirements for users who use the POS system. Correspondingly, a more complex password policy for users with access to sensitive information.

User Lock and Automatic Logout

Automatic Logout

For added security that the devices your employees are using won't fall into someone else's hands and thus allow third parties to access your data, we've added a setting to automatically unblock users when there is no activity on their part;

Lock Users

After 6 unsuccessful login attempts, the user's account is automatically locked for a period of 30 minutes. A notification email is sent to the hotel email address.

Access Log

In addition to all this, to have a complete picture of who logs in and out of your system and when, we have provided an Access Log. From the log you can get accurate information about the date, time, and IP address from which a specific user logged in, logged out, or was locked out.

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