Charge Templates

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Charge Templates streamline the service charging process within your system. Pre-designing templates for each charge mitigates the potential for errors during service charging.

Applications of Charge Templates

Automatic Charges

These rely on preconfigured charge templates, which include charges generated by:

  • Rates - For overnight stays, charges utilize pre-set templates. You can tailor different templates for distinct Room Types, meal combinations, etc. Automatic charges from Rates do not consider the price set in the template, as the price is derived from the rate itself.
  • Rate Packages - Setting up rate packages also demands pre-set charge templates. The price may originate from the template or be defined in the rate package.
  • Automatic Charges by Room Type - These use templates linked to a specific Room Type. When the room is occupied, a one-time or daily charge can be applied, with the rate obtained from the template.

Manual Charges

Initiated by users, these charges can be reflected on the reservation or company folios. Users select from the pre-set templates to project the charge on the specific folio. With minimal data pre-set, the charging process becomes swift and error-free.


Charge Templates can be employed to propose additional services to customers making bookings through your BookDirect.


System and Print Text

The system text describes the charge and applies to every charge generated by the specific template. It is also visible in reports. A separate field is available for customer text, which appears on all customer printouts.

Group and Revenue Category

You can designate which revenue group and category the charges generated by a particular template should be assigned to. This crucial setting influences your report outcomes.

Price and Tax

You can set a price for a specific charge and lock it to prevent changes when using the template. The tax rate set in the template ensures accurate tax rates for each charge.

Other Features

Capacity Counter

An additional feature to Charge Templates that enables daily availability tracking. Set a capacity tied to one or more charge templates. Each sale deducts from the capacity for that date. Once the capacity is depleted, sales are automatically halted across all modules—Web Reservation System, Channel Manager, Rates—in which the template is used as a package.

Additional (Custom) Fields

Apart from standard fields for configuring Charge Templates, you can create your own. These fields may have pre-set values or be filled in during charging. They can be used to link to external systems, like setting up an accounting account for your accounting system connection.

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