Cancellation policies

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Cancellation policies empower you to automate the process of determining and enforcing cancellation fees.

Understanding the Procedure

Cancellation policies function in conjunction with the chosen guarantee policy during the booking process. In the event of a cancellation, the system will automatically apply the cancellation policy linked to the booking's guarantee policy. Depending on the configured settings, the system will:

  • Determine whether a cancellation fee applies for the specific cancellation;
  • Automatically charge the fee, if applicable, utilizing a predefined charging template;
  • Allow for configuration of services to be cancelled that were available prior to the cancellation;
  • Provide the option for the booking folio to be automatically closed upon cancellation, as well as the type of document to be used for this purpose.

Fee Calculation Schema

The fee calculation is established in a schema related to the policy. You have the flexibility to set multiple rules for fee calculation, based on how many days before arrival the booking is cancelled. Each rule can dictate a different fee amount.

Fixed Amount

You have the option to set a fee as a fixed amount, which is independent of the booking amount;

Relative Amount

The relative fee is calculated based on the price of the booking. You can designate the revenue groups it should be calculated on. This could be a percentage of the total booking price or an amount equivalent to the price for a specific number of nights.

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