Booking Enquiries

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The Booking Enquiries feature is an innovative functionality we've engineered to streamline your interaction with prospective customers.

This tool allows you to swiftly capture the particulars of an individual making an enquiry, append the rates of discussed rooms, subsequently craft a bespoke offer, and transmit it via email. Within this email, you can incorporate a link to your Web Reservation System, offering the customer the convenience to proceed with their booking, if they choose, or get back in touch with you to finalize their enquiry into a specific booking.


  • Negate the risk of overlooked or forgotten enquiries.
  • Access a comprehensive log of all received enquiries, including their respective registration dates.
  • Utilize distinct enquiry statuses for effortless tracking.
  • Preserve an archive of all emails dispatched pertaining to a particular enquiry.
  • Choose to lock in prices within the offer, thereby ensuring the rates offered at the time of the enquiry areimplemented when the booking is made.
  • Leverage the possibility to assign To-Dos to enquiries for automated reminders or delegation to another team member for processing.

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