Rate Types and Functional Capabilities

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Clock PMS+'s rate system offers an advanced, automated pricing methodology for your offerings. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to pre-establish prices for all variants of booking units, with centralized management capabilities, irrespective of the sales channels - be it telephonic, web-based, or through multiple online distribution avenues.

Rate Categories

Our system encompasses a multitude of tools, empowering you to automate pricing processes fully.

Standard Rates (Price per booking unit)

This uncomplicated pricing model allows for a price determination based solely on the booking unit type, disregarding the guest count or category. It enables the setting of a maximum guest count for which the price is deemed valid.

Rates Based on Guest Numbers

Two distinct tools have been developed to facilitate price differentiation dependent on the total guest count within each room.

Guest Offsets

You can utilize this feature to customize room prices based on the number of adults and children. With this tool, you have the flexibility to apply add-ons or discounts as either fixed amounts or percentages for each additional guest. The system is designed to accommodate up to 5 adults and 5 children per room and a separate position for Single adult. It's important to note that while this functionality allows for customization based on guest count, it does not currently support varying rates based on the age of the guests.

Guest Levels

Parallel to offsets, guest levels offer the ability to determine room prices reliant on both the number and category of guests (adults/children). It permits the application of a surcharge/discount in fixed or percentage terms for each guest. Furthermore, it provides the option to set prices based on each child's age. There are no restrictions on the guest number, and all possible guest combinations can be set for each booking unit.

Per-Guest rates serve as a robust pricing tool through which you can sell via your booking engine and the majority of channel managers.

Derived Rates (Surcharges and Discounts)

Our system offers a functionality that allows for the quick and easy configuration of rate variations, by adding/subtracting an amount from the standard rates.

The prices derived from these rates are updated automatically following a change in the price of the base rate.

Two versions are supported:

  • Fixed amount - You can either add/subtract a fixed sum from the base rate price;

  • Percentage - You can increase/decrease a percentage from the base rate price;

Utilize this pricing type if your goal is to create promotional rates derived from your base rates by deducting a specific amount/percentage from the regular rate. For instance, offering a 10% discount under certain conditions.

It can also be useful when you need to increase standard prices by a certain amount/percentage. For instance, to implement a €10 surcharge for a breakfast price.

Automated Pricing Based on Occupancy Rate

Leverage our unique feature to adjust your hotel's pricing automatically in response to changes in occupancy. This system allows you to establish a set of predefined rate tiers that respond to fluctuations in room availability.

Whether it's a specific room type or the aggregate availability of all types, our system diligently monitors and adjusts prices in real-time. This means, with no extra effort on your part, prices are seamlessly updated both in your booking engine and your chosen Channel Manager. This innovative solution allows you to optimize your revenues while saving valuable time and resources.

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