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The final key element to unlock superior guest experience is the seamless integration of our booking engine with your website. We offer a range of methods to facilitate this integration.

External Integration

External Integration provides an effortless, straightforward approach that is particularly suitable for users with limited web development experience. With this mode of integration, the booking engine launches in a new browser tab or window when initiated.

Inline Integration

Inline Integration offers a more sophisticated method, embedding the booking engine directly onto a page within your website. This provides an integrated, cohesive experience as the engine operates in tandem with your site, creating a seamless user journey.

Visitor Tracking Scripts

Monitoring your website visitors' behavior is pivotal to your marketing strategy and performance evaluation. Acknowledging this, we offer the capability to incorporate the Web Booking Engine into your tracking suite, enabling a comprehensive analysis of visitor behavior, conversion rates, and booking details. Note that tracking scripts are compatible only with Inline Integration.

Booking Buttons

Booking Buttons are an additional feature that enhances Inline Integration. We offer three customizable tools that your web developer can tailor to your specific needs:

Booking Button

A dedicated button that triggers the booking engine.

Booking Form

A form on your website that allows guests to input arrival/departure details and the number of guests, facilitating their booking search.

Reminder Button

An automated reminder that appears on your website if a guest exits the booking engine before finalizing a booking.

Deep Links

Deep Links are powerful tools that allow you to preset specific searches on the web booking engine for particular periods, room types, rates, and more. Once the link is configured with the desired conditions, you can share it widely - via social media, email campaigns, or a designated 'offers' section on your website. This saves time for your guests as room type, booking period, and other criteria are pre-filled when they click the link.

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