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In addition to offering various pricing options, our platform provides several additional tools for price automation, enhancing your flexibility and efficiency.

Price Seasonality

You can define seasons to set different prices during specific time periods. For example, you can increase room rates during the winter season and lower them during other seasons. This can be easily configured using rates with multiple seasons.

Weekend Prices

Customize your rates by specifying which days of the week are considered weekends. With this feature, you can set different rates specifically for weekend days, catering to the unique demands of those periods.

Daily Prices

Even if you have already defined seasonal and weekend prices, you can still make exceptions for specific dates. Our system allows you to easily adjust prices for individual days, such as during periods of high occupancy when you may choose to increase rates. This flexibility ensures you can adapt to dynamic pricing needs.


Streamline the reservation process by marking whether meals are included in the room rate. By doing so, the system will automatically apply the corresponding meals when entering reservations based on the selected rate. Furthermore, when choosing a rate for a booking, the system will suggest rates that match the desired meal options.

Local Taxes

You have control over whether the rate includes local tax or if it should be charged additionally. The amount of local tax is displayed in your booking engine and included in the final documents provided to the guest, ensuring transparency.

Marketing Elements

To facilitate accurate reporting and eliminate errors, each rate allows you to set values for marketing elements. For instance, if you want to track the performance of a specific promotion in your statistical reports, you can assign the appropriate marketing values directly to the rate. This ensures consistency and precision when analyzing marketing data.

Promo Codes

Unlock special offers for your customers using promo codes provided through our booking engine. You can assign a promo code to multiple rates and distribute valid codes to your customers via email or other marketing campaigns. Customers can access special offers by entering the promo code in the designated field during the booking process.

By leveraging these additional features, you can optimize your pricing strategy, streamline operations, and enhance the overall guest experience.

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