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Documents are the end product of folio closure; without this step, document issuance is not possible. Each folio closure permits the issuance of a single document. Users are responsible for predefining the types of documents required, and there are no restrictions on the number of document types that can be created.


Number Generators

Users have the ability to determine number generators for all document types issued via the system. This includes defining the length of the number generator, its initial value, and setting a prefix and a suffix, if required.

Document Numbering

Users can designate specific names for each document and their corresponding correction documents, such as invoice, credit notes, and debit notes;

Layout Customization

There is an option to customize the visual presentation of the built-in document template.

Document Design Customization

Users are given the flexibility to customize the printouts of their documents, including rearranging the standard view, appending additional texts, and creating unique document designs.

Document Operations

The operations available for each document are as follows:

  • Voiding a document;
  • Creating debit and credit notes;
  • Voiding a payment within the document;
  • Adding payments to the document;
  • Correcting recipient data;

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