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The following services are accessible via our guest self-service portal after check-in:

Additional Service Requests

An added avenue for revenue generation, this feature can be customized in the portal settings. If enabled, it allows guests to request and pay for supplementary services at any time. With every service request, charges are automatically added to the booking folio, notifying the hotel via a To-Do prompt. This function remains accessible until the booking is either cancelled or checked-out.

Bill Review and Payment

Our portal provides real-time bill updates and should your hotel have an integrated payment service and the setting for online payments activated, guests can also settle their bills directly through the portal.

Company Invoice Customization

To facilitate business travelers, we have an option for guests to alter their billing details if they need an invoice under a company's name. Guests can look up existing company details by VAT number or enable a search by company name. In the absence of pre-existing details, guests can input their own, creating a company profile in your database.

Housekeeping Requests

To streamline housekeeping requests, we've integrated a direct communication feature. Guests can place requests without needing to make a call or visit the front desk. You can list common requests for guest convenience, and guests can also submit unique requests. Each request auto-generates a task in the housekeeping report.

Self Checkout

To complete the contactless experience, we offer a self-checkout feature. This option is only available if a payment service is enabled and only accessible on the day of departure. Any outstanding balances must be settled before checkout. Once payment is made, the folio is closed and you can specify the document type for the final folio and draft a template email containing the bill that will be sent to the guest.

Guest Feedback

Gathering guest feedback is crucial for continuous improvement. Our portal enables hotels to collect guest reviews and ratings (1 to 5), and provides a space for guests to freely share their experiences. Feedback can be monitored through a report that shows received reviews.

Remember, all of these features can be customized via the portal settings, giving you control over the services you wish to offer your guests. Enjoy using our self-service portal to enhance your guests' stay and your hotel's operational efficiency.

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