Recording and tracking Payments

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Registering Payments

To register a payment in our system, you must first select the payment type. While these types are preset, we have allowed for customization through the creation of configurable subtypes for each main type.

Payment Subtypes

The use of subtypes is optional but can be employed if you wish to categorize payments in greater detail. You can mandate their use, ensuring that for each payment registration, the system necessitates the selection of a subtype alongside the main type. When generating payment reports, these will offer a breakdown of information based on the chosen subtypes.

General Ledger Accounts

We provide General Ledger Accounts primarily for integration and export to external systems. This feature enables you to associate each payment type and subtype with a unique code, which is then communicated to the external system for processing.

Application of Payments

Payments are reflected exclusively in standard, advance payment, and deposit folios. Correction folios, however, do not permit the addition of payments. Instead, these are reflected in the folio associated with the relevant correction. Payments can be recorded in both active and previously closed folios. If a registered payment requires correction, it can be accomplished by canceling the incorrect transaction.

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