Portal Features for Enhanced Guest Experience

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Room Service

Our convenient Room Service feature allows your guests to order food and beverages directly from their mobile devices through the MyBooking Portal. Once the order is placed, it is sent directly to the respective restaurant for preparation. To use this feature, ensure you have an active Clock POS account with eMenu functionality enabled. Guests can access this feature after checking in. If your hotel has multiple outlets (POS accounts), you have the flexibility to select one or more outlets to offer guests a variety of options for room service.

Table Bookings

Enhance your guests' dining experience with easy access to your catering establishments' booking systems through the MyBooking Portal. Guests can effortlessly book a table using their mobile devices, eliminating the need for phone calls or site visits. To enable this feature, ensure you have an active Clock POS account.

Integration of Useful Information Links

We offer the flexibility to integrate additional links visible through the portal, directing guests to pages with useful information on your website, partner websites, or other external sources. Provide guests with access to different entertainment options, local excursions, and more, ensuring they have a memorable stay.

Integration of Plugins

Elevate your online presence by adding plugin codes from various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and more to the Guest Personal Portal. This integration allows guests to interact with your hotel through features such as "Like," "Follow," and more, depending on the specific plugin and platform.

View Customization

At Clock PMS+, we understand the importance of brand consistency. You can easily customize the look of your portal to align with your brand's vision. Personalize it by adding background images and selecting from our preset themes. For a truly unique look, you can even engage a web designer to craft a tailor-made MyBooking Portal that reflects your hotel's identity.

Content Customization

Flexibility is key, which is why most of the texts in the portal can be customized using our translation tool. If you wish to cater to guests speaking languages for which we do not have ready translations, you have the option to translate the fields yourself. Whether it's Chinese, Arabic, or any other language, you can provide a personalized portal experience for all your guests.

Accessing the MyBooking Portal

Via Personalized Link

Each guest receives a unique link in their confirmation email that grants access to the portal. Additionally, you can include the link in any other communication with your guests. With this method, guests do not need to enter any details; they simply follow the provided link to access the portal conveniently.

Public Access

By enabling this option in the portal settings, you can provide public access to the MyBooking Portal. Simply add a link to your hotel's website, creating a dedicated "Login" section. Guests can log in using their last name and booking or room number, enjoying a seamless portal experience.

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