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Capitalizing on the triumph of kiosk systems within the airline sector, it was a logical progression for hospitality businesses to begin implementing similar solutions.

Previously inaccessible opportunities suddenly became available for properties. They were able to streamline their check-in procedures, economize on time and costs, and empower self-service establishments to manage their operations more efficiently. Moreover, it offered guests an additional choice regarding their check-in.

As a comprehensive suite, Clock PMS+ also features a Kiosk solution.

Functional Capabilities

Clock Kiosk provides an all-inclusive array of tools and functions necessary for a seamless guest self-check-in experience and for refining front desk operations:

Integration of key-card encoders

With our system, you can link card encoders from a compatible door lock system to the Kiosk. This enables guests to encode their room key cards during the check-in process.

Integration of Credit card terminals

Our kiosk solution supports integration with credit card terminals from approved payment processors. This allows guests to process payments or save their card details during check-in.

Managing Check-in timing

We have incorporated a tool for controlling the start time of the check-in process. This ensures guests do not check in earlier than necessary.

Completion of Registration cards

Check-in often involves gathering guest details and signatures. We offer guests the option to complete their registration cards, review your terms and conditions, and sign the document. If guests have previously completed a registration card (e.g., via MyBooking Portal), they can review and modify the information as needed. If local law mandates the collection of ID card/passport images, you can enable image capture during the check-in via the Kiosk camera.

Processing Payments and Invoicing

Our system includes the ability to settle outstanding balances during the check-in process. Payments can be made online or via the terminal with automatic invoice generation sent through email.

Collection of Credit card details

Our solution offers the facility to capture credit card details during check-in. If guests have previously provided card details, they can add another one. This feature proves incredibly useful, especially when you only have a virtual card from the OTA for the reservation. During such bookings' check-in, guests will need to enter their credit card details.

Self-check-in and check-out

Depending on the configuration, guests can both check in and check out via the Kiosk. The Clock Kiosk has all the necessary controls in place to prevent guests from checking into a room not marked clean by housekeeping, checking-in earlier than prescribed time, or checking out without clearing outstanding amounts. Completing either process will automatically update the booking status.

Kiosk Page Personalization

Each guest touchpoint must maintain consistent branding and design. We've included options to upload custom background images and the ability to choose from over ten different design themes for your Kiosk pages.

Clock Kiosk Options

Depending on your requirements, you can select from a range of different Kiosks.

Clock Kiosk on devices provided by Clock Software

You have the option to select from three different Kiosk setups - countertop, wall-mounted, or floor-standing. Clock Software supplies these devices with the Kiosk software pre-loaded and potentially with an embedded key-card encoder.

Clock Kiosk on your own device

Alternatively, you can opt to license the Kiosk software and install it on any device of your choosing.

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