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Advancements in technology have revolutionized the payment services industry, making transaction handling significantly more convenient. As a result, a reliable payment processor has become an indispensable tool for hoteliers. Furthermore, integrating a payment processor with your Property Management System (PMS) brings about enhanced flexibility in offerings to your guests and boosts efficiency when dealing with payments and credit card information. Additionally, leveraging a trusted payment processor ensures high security for all operations and card details, reducing risk to a bare minimum.

With a goal to empower you and enable you to capitalize on these advantages, Clock PMS+ provides a fully integrated payment solution in partnership with Adyen that supports an impressive array of functions.


Tokenization, an essential component of secure payment processing, is supported. Whether guests input their credit card details through the Web Reservation System, MyBooking portal, Online check-in, or you manually store card details, these will be scrutinized for validity and fraud, and subsequently saved as tokens. Tokens epitomize the zenith of credit card security by restricting access to full details while allowing the use of the token for transactions.


The popularity of pre-authorizations is on the rise due to their assurance of the availability and blocking of necessary funds on the card. This grants more flexibility regarding policies and efficiency in transaction costs. However, the duration of amount blocking largely depends on the policy of card-issuing banks. Pre-authorizations can be done manually or automatically through the Payment Autopilot.

We provide simple methods for capturing (withdrawing) or releasing a previously blocked amount.

Taking card payments

Processing payments is, evidently, the most crucial aspect of integration. We've incorporated various mechanisms for initiating payments - self-made payments by guests, manual initiations by a Clock PMS+ user, or automated based on Payment Autopilot rules.

Guest-initiated transactions

Guest-facing payment options are diverse. The booking engine, MyBooking Portal, Clock Kiosk, and Events app all require certain payments to be completed for bookings or confirmations. These platforms support 3DS security checks for optimum security and fraud prevention.

Backend transactions

Backend payments can be made manually by a Clock PMS+ user through the folios using a stored card (token) or by adding a new card instantly. With our innovative Payment Autopilot, you can set an array of rules for automatic payment processing.


For ease of use, we've integrated a straightforward method for issuing refunds directly to the charged card, all from the folio with just a few clicks.

Payment terminals

We also support and supply physical credit card terminals in order to process in-person payments. The connection between Clock PMS+ and the device expedites operations, as any action on the terminal (tokenization, payment, pre-authorization) can be initiated directly through the guest folio, without requiring any actions on the device itself.

Alternative Payment methods

Lastly, we cater to the growing popularity of alternative payment methods such as online banking apps and wallet apps by providing support for these methods, as long as they are supported by your chosen payment processor.

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