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Intuitive Design for Exceptional User Experience

Our BookDirect Engine transcends the traditional booking process by focusing on a user-friendly interface rather than merely reducing the number of steps. We've adopted a mobile-first approach that caters to the predominant use of mobile devices for bookings, while ensuring adaptability to all screen sizes. This way, both mobile and PC users can enjoy an equally seamless experience.

Efficient Navigation and Communication

The booking flow comprises five simple steps, designed to offer a clear presentation of information:

  • Stay: Guests enter their desired stay period.
  • Rooms: Guests choose from available room types, complete with descriptions.
  • Rates: Guests select rates based on the number of adults and children, accompanied by rate and guarantee option descriptions.
  • Extra Services (optional): Guests may add any extra services offered by your hotel.
  • Finish: Guests finalize their booking by entering details, agreeing to terms and conditions, and providing payment information.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Functionality

The Booking Engine incorporates several features to enhance the user experience and improve hotel management:

Availability Calendar

This feature allows guests to easily view your hotel's room availability, making the booking process quicker and smoother.

Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our photo gallery feature for each room type and extra services adds context and helps guests make informed decisions.

Detailed Descriptions

Each element on the booking engine comes with a comprehensive description, ensuring guests can make well-informed decisions.

Capacity Indication

A clear indication of each room's capacity helps customers choose the most suitable room type based on their needs.

Full Compatibility with Clock PMS+ Rate Types

The Web Booking Engine is compatible with all Clock PMS+ rate types, ensuring accurate pricing strategies.

Rate Restrictions

Our engine is designed to respect all rate restrictions set in Clock PMS+, offering consistent rules across all booking platforms.

Dynamic Pricing

Our system supports dynamic pricing, recalculating rates when the number of guests or children ages change.

Sale of Extra Services

Our booking engine allows you to offer additional services to guests during the booking process.

Promotion and Discounts

Features such as bonus codes, company codes, block codes, discount indication, badges, and banners promoting a longer stay are included to maximize your promotion efforts and boost sales.

Booking Enquiries

Acting as an extension of the Booking enquiry function in Clock PMS+, the BookDirect Engine streamlines the process of turning offers into bookings.

Guest Login and Profile Management

Guests can save time by logging into or creating a BookDirect profile, eliminating the need to enter their details each time they book and reducing the risk of duplicated guest profiles.

Guest Notes

Guests can add notes to their reservations, ensuring their requests or queries are visible and addressed.

Integrated Payment Gateways

Our booking engine integrates with leading global payment processors, enabling guests to securely provide credit card details or complete payments. The support extends to alternative payment methods like iDeal, ApplePay, GooglePay, and others if supported by your chosen payment provider.

Our BookDirect Engine is not just a booking tool - it's a complete system designed to improve guests' experience and optimize hotel operations.

BookDirect for Hotel Groups

Simplifying the reservation process for your valued guests, a single convenient platform is available from where guests can choose any hotel of your Group, enter arrival and departure dates, and see specific information about the chosen property and its exact location.

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