Rate Organisation and Automation

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Rate Plans Organization

Rate plans can be likened to folders, each grouping rates according to specific parameters. For instance, under a 'Website' rate plan, you could house all prices designated for reservations through your website booking engine. The 'Promo' plan could encompass all promotional offers and so on. Efficient organization aids your workflow when setting up and locating prices. Within each rate plan, you can also define the days considered as the weekend, allowing for differential pricing for those days.

Rate Tags Usage

Employ rate tags to earmark rates with a specific attribute, making searching and management effortless. Utilizing these tags, you can establish corporate contracts with tailored rates for your partners. The agreed rates will be automatically suggested to the associated companies when reservations are made via phone calls or through your Web Reservation System.

Automation and Oversight

We have engineered several features enabling you to dictate your rate behavior.

Upsell Index

Leverage the Upsell Index to offer an upgrade opportunity to your customers via the MyBooking portal. For instance, a customer who has reserved bed and breakfast could be enticed with a bed, breakfast, and dinner package. The system, based on weighted indices, will automatically present the most suitable offer to each customer, encouraging them to purchase a higher-priced service.

Hurdle Rate

The Hurdle Rate allows for dynamic multi-rate management. This feature enables automatic suspension or price modification of a rate if it falls below the price defined in the Hurdle Rate.

Minimum/Maximum prices

We have included a tool that prevents a price from being saved if it falls under or over a predetermined value. It ensures correct pricing, blocking any attempts to set prices outside these defined limits, thus maintaining price integrity and helping to optimize revenue.

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