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No matter how you sell - via telephone, web booking system, or various digital channels, Clock PMS+ consolidates and processes all bookings. We've streamlined operations to ensure crucial information is delivered swiftly and effortlessly.

Automated Booking Lists

We auto-generate lists of key daily booking streams. With just a click, users can access:


This encompasses all anticipated bookings for the date, and includes valid bookings from prior days not yet checked in by the system. Use our search filters to swiftly locate specific bookings, check in multiple reservations simultaneously, and generate a list of expected bookings for any chosen date.


This includes all bookings set for checkout on the date. With our search filters, locate the precise booking needed for checkout without overlooking any remaining customer balance. Access and process the folio, and dispatch the booking. We've also added details about bookings that have elapsed, but aren't marked as checked out yet.

In the Hotel

A comprehensive list of all bookings for the date, covering arrivals, departures, and all checked-in bookings not departing that day.

Booking Search

Alongside the auto-generated booking lists, we provide tools to locate each booking.

Quick Booking Search

This feature, available on any operational screen, helps you find any checked-in or expected booking in one click. Fill in booking number, guest name, email, or phone number and the system will link you to your desired booking.

Advanced Search

This tool can find any booking ever made in the system. Search by multiple criteria, such as a specific company's bookings, expected bookings for a specific period, or a list of declined bookings.

Room Allocation

Clock PMS+ gives you the option to manually allocate rooms to your bookings or have the system automatically do the assignment.

Automatic Room Allocation

The system can automatically assign a room, considering the booking period, room type, and guest's preferences. Utilize the bulk room allocation feature for multiple bookings.

Manual Room Allocation

Users can personally assign rooms. The system suggests available rooms for the booking period, matching room type and booking preferences. Users can choose from these suggestions or specify a room of their choice.

Room Calendar

This operational screen provides a complete 31-day room occupancy snapshot. Features include:

  • Quickly shifting the period under review 7 or 30 days forward or backward.
  • Color-coding specific dates for differentiation, such as holidays.
  • Modifying the calendar's scale.
  • Filtering and grouping rooms by type.
  • Distinguishing Expected/Checked-in/Checked-out bookings visually.
  • Accessing guarantee status of each booking and indicating bookings with expired guarantees.
  • Directly accessing any booking to make a change, check-in, checkout, or payment.
  • Quickly creating a new booking for a specific room.
  • Checking housekeeping status of each room and adding tasks or completing ongoing ones.
  • Stopping rooms from being sold - set an Out of service status.
  • Checking expected events in the viewed period.

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