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Clock PMS+ simplifies meal planning for your guests as part of their overnight package. You can set and sequence different meals, and our robust reporting system aids your scheduling.

Meal Types

Customize your meal offerings according to your specific needs. Meals fall into two main categories:

Standard Meals

These are regular meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner - usually included in your accommodation package. You can adjust the sequence of these meals and decide which meal the guests will start with upon arrival.

Non-Standard Meals

These are deviations from the daily meal routine. An example might be providing pre-packaged meals as alternatives to the standard daily meal.

Application Areas

Room Rates

During room rate configuration, specify if the rate includes meals. You have the flexibility to mix and match any standard meals you've set up while pricing.


Identify the specific meals that guests will have for each booking. These can be drawn from the booking rate or selected manually. You can also include non-standard meals in the booking.

Day-Specific Non-Standard Meals

Guests receive meals according to their order throughout their stay. You also have the option to specify different meals (standard or non-standard) for particular days, including the number of guests to whom they'll be served.

Meal Planning Reports

Our reports support your planning efforts. Based on bookings and meals provided, you'll receive real-time data on expected dining venue occupancy. This assists in scheduling your deliveries and staffing needs accurately.

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