Managing your Events and Groups bookings

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The "Events and Group Bookings" module is designed to meet the needs of those establishments that frequently host events of various types and sizes, and the related group bookings. The toolset will assist you in managing your meeting rooms, preparing a variety of offers and organising the entire process from enquiry entry, hosting the event to subsequent invoicing of the services provided.

Functional capabilities

Each event is associated with a company profile. You can open an unlimited number of folios in the event to reflect the services provided, including deposit folios (for prepayments). You can set values for the marketing elements so that the services from the specific event are correctly reported in the statistical reports.

Types of events

You can define different types of events and activities that take place in your hotel. The different activities are used when preparing events. Each event includes one or more activities, distributed by locations and times of the event. You have the option to get a list of upcoming activities in chronological order for a period, with the option to filter by types.


You have the option to set blocks to events. You can view blocks as an option to book rooms without having to enter specific reservations. Rooms booked through blocks are deducted from the availability for sale and you can track them independently in the occupancy statistics. The functionality is only available through events. The price set in the block is included in the total offer price. For more details, see Blocks.


You can enter hotel bookings to events. You have the option to link bookings to the specific block that has reserved the rooms for the event. Entered in this way, each reservation will consume one room from the block until it is fully booked. A reservation to a block can be created directly through your Online Reservation System. To do this, you will need to provide the customer with the block code provided for their group booking. The prices set in the block are carried over to the related bookings. Through the event you also have quick access to view and edit all hotel bookings related to it.


You have the option to make multiple offers for one event. Each offer reflects all details of the meeting rooms involved, catering included, room blocks and any additional descriptions and tips for the client.

  • Personalised offer view - you have the option to configure the view of your offers to suit your brand vision;
  • Trackability of all offers made by number and date made;
  • Option to add a required prepayment amount;
  • Sending offers with the option of online confirmation;

Online confirmation and guaranteeing

To the offer, you can add an access link to the platform for online confirmation and guaranteeing.

  • The customer can view the offer including the programme by days and times. The offer amount is calculated according to the rates set for booked rooms, catering, room blocks and other additional services, if any;
  • The client can confirm the offer by signing it;
  • According to the activated payment service, the required amount can be paid or the customer can provide their credit card details. This will automatically change the guarantee status of the event to "Guaranteed", and the payment (if any) will be reflected in its folio;


For each event you have the possibility to open an unlimited number of folios. Deposit folios are also supported if you accept advance payments that need to be invoiced. Through the event you can directly charge services to the folio from which you will invoice. The accommodation charges of the hotel bookings related to the event can also be directed to these folios. The folios can also accept transfer services from external systems, such as POS. All services related to the event are summarised in one place. This way, the invoicing process is extremely simplified and easy to follow.

You have a set of operational features that will speed up and optimise your event management work.

Guarantee status

You can track different events, meeting room bookings, catering and blocks by their status. The guarantee status of an event (Optional, Non-guaranteed,Guaranteed) reflects the status of its related items. The status change is visible in the respective screens and reports.


We have developed the ability to copy some or all elements of an event - rooms, catering, blocks, including their accompanying charges. This tool allows you to create event templates that can be quickly incorporated into a specific event through a copy. For example, you can configure templates with standard catering parameters and a set price per person. The copy feature allows you to enter a new number of persons for the copy, as well as recalculation of the related charges according to the new number of persons.

Bulk update

We have included a tool to bulk update all items in an event. The functionality allows you to shift the event period and update the information of all booked rooms, catering, blocks and their accompanying charges with just a few clicks.


To-Dos functionality can be used to support the work of staff responsible for event preparation. You can use the existing "events" channel or create a separate channel to summarise all to-dos related to the events being held. You have the option to add a To-Do to:

  • A specific event - for example, the To-Do could be a reminder to prepare an additional offer;
  • Room booking - you can add a To-Do to the staff responsible for the room preparations, to be activated the day before the event;
  • Catering - you can add a reminder to employees for some special order, for example preparing a celebration cake.

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