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The Guest Mailer equips you with a variety of powerful tools to elevate your email marketing strategy:

Purpose-driven Email Templates

You can craft a multitude of email templates with tailored content based on the nature of the email, its intent, and the intended recipient. Even for identical types of emails, such as pre-arrival emails, content can differ based on certain variables like the guarantee status of the booking.

Trigger Events

These are crucial elements that determine when an automated email will be dispatched, and they correlate closely with booking events like creation, arrival, departure, or cancellation. With seven distinct trigger events at your disposal, you can specify when an email should be sent relative to the event. A few examples of trigger events are:

  • Pre-Arrival: Sends a welcome email to guests containing payment reminders, check-in instructions, directions, and more.
  • Post-Departure: Often used to solicit guest feedback or offer discount codes for future bookings.
  • Post-Cancellation: Generally used to confirm booking cancellations.

Precise Email Targeting

To ensure your emails reach the right audience, you can employ various filters. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Guarantee Status: Filter bookings based on their guarantee status.
  • Guarantee Option: Differentiate bookings by the guarantee option.
  • Booking Type: Distinguish bookings as OTA, Direct, or both.
  • Check-in Status: Filter bookings based on their online check-in status.
  • Credit Card Details: Filter bookings according to credit card information availability and type.

Full Customization

The quality of email content, design, and branding significantly impacts your guests' perception of your organization. Clock PMS+ presents you with a robust tool - the Visual Builder - to forge appealing email templates that align with your brand identity.

The Visual Builder is an intuitive editing tool that enables users of varying skill levels to construct attractive templates packed with pertinent information.

To get you started, you can draw inspiration from our array of ready-to-use templates and simply modify the design and branding to suit your needs. Or, save time with our pre-designed 'modules' that include specific information or interactive buttons - like a button redirecting guests to the online check-in page.

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