Booking Types

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To depict the reservation of a specific booking unit or type, Clock PMS+ utilizes bookings. The system is designed with versatile features to manage different types of bookings.

Individual Bookings

These are reservations made by individuals via phone, email, or your Web Reservation System. They are independent of corporate contracts or travel agencies, with the customer booking and handling their own bill.

Group Bookings

These are multiple bookings connected by a shared characteristic. They can represent a group of individual or corporate bookings. Grouping them simplifies tasks such as searching, editing, checking in, invoicing, and checking-out as a collective unit.

Corporate Customer Bookings

Clock PMS+ enables the identification of bookings associated with your corporate clients. These bookings might have negotiated rates and liabilities covered by the affiliated company, which might have a unique payment arrangement with your business.

OTA (Online Travel Agent) Bookings: 

For those working with OTAs, Clock PMS+ provides the capability to:

  • Establish negotiated rates;
  • Determine the agent's commission;
  • Monitor each OTA's bookings;
  • Accumulate data on sales made by a specific OTA.

Bookings Without Rooms

This category of bookings doesn't correspond to the occupancy of a booking unit and won't affect your overall occupancy. Though they appear in the list of all other bookings, they can also be independently filtered. They are perfect for customers who aren't staying overnight but are utilizing other services at your facility. For instance, if your hotel includes a spa that serves both hotel guests and external customers, this booking type would be appropriate. The creation of such a booking will open a folio for each external customer, allowing them to be charged for services used across your facilities. This arrangement lets them settle their bill in one transaction before departure.

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