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Clock PMS+ facilitates efficient price management through its inbuilt tools or by connecting with an external revenue management system. Our features are designed to enhance your pricing strategies and simplify their implementation.

Let's delve into the features determining rate behaviors and those assisting with operational tasks. Here's what's in your toolkit:

Operational Tools

We've focused on streamlining the configuration and management of rates. Below are the features we've designed to aid you:

Rapid Generation of Multiple Rates

Effortlessly create multiple rates for various room types, packages, and meals in a single step. This feature accommodates different rate types, including standard, derived, per-guest rates, etc.

Autofill for Consistent Values

During the creation or editing of multiple rates, our autofill tool allows you to populate identical values across all processed rates with a single click.

Rate Duplication

We've enabled rate copying to expedite the creation of new, similar rates after making minor adjustments to the copied ones.

Guest Level Duplication

With this feature, you can replicate guest levels linked to a specific rate or rate season. Copy levels from any rate or season to the one you're currently configuring.

Season Duplication

Quickly create a new season with identical settings by copying a whole season within a rate, or settings across different rates. Changes can be made to the copied season if needed.

Daily Price Management

Manage your prices on a day-to-day basis with our Calendar by Days. This feature allows you to observe and adjust the rate-calculated price for any given day. Our tool allows you to set exceptions for specific dates or periods, overriding set prices and restrictions in the given rate or season. These daily changes supersede the rate and season configurations, and manual corrections can be easily spotted in the calendar.

Bulk Corrections for Periods

In relation to daily pricing, this function allows simultaneous updates of prices and restrictions for selected periods. Simply choose the periods, input the desired changes, and apply them to all dates with a single click.

Rate Testing Screen

Our system can calculate prices for common guest combinations using your selected rates. Additionally, you can input specific guest combinations and ages to calculate a price. This testing screen significantly reduces time spent verifying your rate configurations.

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