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The companies in Clock PMS+ have a wide application. Their profiles can be predefined or added as you go. Company profiles are shared between all hotels in your subscription.

Role of Companies

Corporate Customers

If you have contractual relationships with corporate customers, you should enter them as company profiles. These can be companies whose employees stay at your hotel, companies that regularly organise events with you, etc.

Travel Agencies (TA) and Online Travel Agencies (OTA)

The profiles of companies include TAs and OTAs. A company profile must be created for each agency in the system. These profiles can be added manually or automatically when importing bookings from the channel manager you work with.

Document Recipient Details

Each company you need to issue an invoice to must be added as a company profile. Usually, this happens at the time the folio is closed. If the profile already exists, it is selected as the recipient, otherwise, a new company profile is created. You can make use of the possibility to automatically download the company data from the European Union's VIES information system (only valid for companies registered in EU Member States).

Where to Use

You can link company profiles to:


A company profile can be selected as the recipient of the document in the folio.


In bookings, company profiles can play two roles:

  • Company - in the role of a corporate customer with whom you have some kind of contractual relationship regarding service rates, accommodation conditions, etc.;
  • Agent - in the role of a TA or OTA who resells services offered by your hotel;


Similar to bookings, in events, company profiles can be selected as:

  • Company;
  • Agent;

An event cannot be created without it being associated to a Company profile.

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