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The folio in the context of Clock PMS+ refers to a guest's bill. When a folio is open, charges and payments from guests, companies, and other external customers can be posted to it. Upon closing a folio, the option to issue an invoice arises. However, no further charges or corrections can be made to a closed folio. To issue an invoice, you first need to open a folio.

Folios can be utilized in several instances:

Booking Folios

Whenever a booking is created, a folio is automatically generated. If the booking is tied to a specific rate, the services included in that rate will be automatically posted to the folio. This folio also allows you to record any additional services the guest may have used, as well as transfer services from external systems, such as a POS. You can create as many folios as needed for a single booking. Each of these folios can either be closed with an invoice or simply recorded as a closed hotel bill.

Company Folios

Folios can also be created for company profiles. These allow you to charge various types of services, including those related to company-specific booking nights, or even transfer services from external systems.

Event Folios

For each event, you can create one or more folios based on your needs. Event folios collate a multitude of services, which are then invoiced to the organizing company.

Non-Resident Folios

Clock PMS+ classifies all individuals who do not hold hotel bookings or company profiles but require documentation for utilized services as non-residents. In these cases, external customer folios are used. Within these folios, only manual charging of services is permitted, meaning services from other folios or external systems cannot be transferred.

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