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Our innovative Automated Payment Solution is specifically designed to ease your payment processing burdens. This state-of-the-art solution reduces the necessity for continual manual monitoring, effectively automating the lion's share of payment-related tasks.

Payment Interface Prerequisites

In order to fully benefit from this feature, an activated payment interface is required. Detailed information regarding compatible payment interfaces can be found in the "Integrations" section of our platform, tailored specifically for our Automated Payments service.

Overview of Features

This next-generation solution optimizes credit card processing tasks, saving you valuable time while significantly decreasing the possibility of human errors.

Task Configuration

The efficient utilization of our service depends on correctly specifying the tasks it will execute. Task configuration involves addressing six essential questions:

Execution Time

Customize the task activation period by choosing from six available options:

  • Following the creation of a booking
  • Prior to the arrival for a booking
  • After the arrival for a booking
  • Before the departure of a booking
  • After the departure of a booking
  • Following the cancellation of a booking

You can also specify an "offset" period, which determines the number of hours before or after the event that the task will be accomplished.

Booking Scope

Choose which bookings the task will impact using filter options. Filters not selected will be ignored. Available filtering options include:

  • Guarantee status
  • Guarantee policy
  • OTA booking
  • Credit card type
  • Inclusion/exclusion of specific companies
  • Inclusion/exclusion of certain agents

Required Actions

Specify the actions required for the selected bookings and the type of credit card to be used.

Select the type of operation:

  • Payment: The amount is deducted from the card and reflected in the booking folio.
  • Block amount on the card: The amount is reserved and can be deducted or released later.
  • Execute actions on success: No credit card transactions are conducted, but actions defined under "Actions to take if the task is successful" are executed.

Credit Card Types

Specify the type of credit card to be used for transactions:

  • The most recent credit card in the booking
  • The most recent virtual credit card
  • The most recent guest credit card

Amount Determination

Establish the amount to be deducted or blocked. The amount can be computed based on:

  • Folio balance: Withdraw the total balance or a specified percentage.
  • Available services: Compute the amount based on available services in the folio, e.g., accommodation services only.
  • Required deposit: For bookings with a mandatory deposit according to the guarantee policy, the system can automatically deduct the required amount.

Contingency Plans

Finally, outline the actions to be taken in the event of success or failure. Available options include:

  • Sending an email to the booking
  • Closing the booking's folio
  • Modifying folio visibility in the MyBooking Portal
  • Changing the guarantee status of the booking
  • Creating a task for notification in case of a transaction failure

It's important to note that only open folios of the filtered bookings are processed, and no due amount under a closed folio can be deducted. If a booking possesses multiple open folios, the system will process the oldest one first.

Avoiding Unprocessed Payments

After configuring the service, we highly recommend testing your settings to ensure that booking filters, amount calculations, and notifications are correctly set up. With appropriately configured settings, the service will ensure there are no overlooked payments, meticulously checking every 15 minutes for tasks to be completed.

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