Booking Features

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Booking Guarantees

Under your predefined guarantee policies, we calculate the guarantee amount and period for each booking. This allows you to monitor the guarantee status of all reservations and generate a list of bookings past their guarantee period.

Cancellations and Cancellation Policies

Our system offers you the ability to incorporate cancellation conditions within the guarantee policy. This allows for automatic calculation and charging of a cancellation fee upon booking cancellation. The policy holds whether a guest cancels their booking via the MyBooking Portal or a staff member cancels it. For better statistical insights, you can differentiate between canceled and no-show bookings.

Confirmation Emails

Each booking made through your booking engine prompts an automatic confirmation email, which includes booking details, guarantee, and cancellation policies. For bookings manually entered in Clock PMS+, users can initiate confirmation emails through the system, changing the booking status to "Confirmed". Additionally, you have a tool to locate pending bookings.

Booking Updates

Guests can send inquiries about booking modifications via the MyBooking Portal. These inquiries can be addressed and reflected in their specific bookings. Our system also lets you batch-update multiple bookings, avoiding redundant actions and expediting booking processing.

Guest Registration Cards

Every booking allows for a custom registration card, where you can specify the mandatory fields. Guests can fill their cards either through the MyBooking Portal or the Online Check-in app. Registration card data feeds into your Hotel Registry.

Deposits, Extra Services, Payments, and Documents

Deposits - Our system facilitates the recording of prepaid amounts on any booking and lets you issue invoices for them as needed. These prepayments can be applied to actual consumed services or cancellation penalties.

Additional Services - Beyond automatically charged services for the nights, you can include extra services consumed on-site. Our system can import services logged in external POS systems into guest accounts.

Documents - Upon closing a guest's folio, our system allows you to issue pre-configured documents (like invoices) based on the required parameters.

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