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Forecast workload and staff with Clock PMS+

Clock PMS+ offers a robust tool to assist in planning your Housekeeping department's staff. This intelligent system generates a precise forecast of the personnel requirements, based on the information entered from bookings, preconfigured housekeeping schemes, and task allocations coinciding with guest arrivals.

This forecast extends up to 30 days in advance and provides comprehensive data for each day, such as task type, number of tasks, and the total sum of housekeeping credits. The system will calculate the number of employees necessary to fulfill the anticipated workload, taking into account each employee's credit limit, which represents their daily work capacity.

Clean room notification

You have the option to create an email template and enable it to be automatically sent to guests who check-in today, that their room has been cleaned. The email will be sent once the status of the room is changed to Clean.

Room change automation

Situations arise and due to that, you may need to relocate a guest from one room to another in the middle of their stay. The housekeeping module ensures that the room the guest is vacating is marked as Dirty once you confirm the relocation.

Interactive screens

Our software provides several custom screens, specifically designed for housekeeping operations. In addition to these, the housekeeping status for each room is readily accessible through all room screens.

Housekeeping Live monitor

This real-time screen allows you to track tasks and housekeeping notes for each room. It offers sound notifications for updates and utilises color-coding to ease tracking the changes. From this screen, you can add new tasks to any room or modify the status of existing tasks.

Housekeeping Tasks Screen

This screen serves to manage all daily housekeeping tasks. It allows you to generate and assign tasks to specific employees or utilise the auto-assignment feature. Additionally, you have the flexibility to adjust the priority and status of tasks.

Room Plan and Calendar

These operating screens display room occupancy, with a convenient housekeeping status indicator for each room. You can use these screens to add new tasks or alter the status of existing tasks.

Booking Screen

Once a room is assigned to a booking, its status is visible, except when marked as "Clean". You can add new tasks or change the status of existing tasks directly from the booking screen.

Simplified Housekeeping Management

For smaller establishments that do not require complex housekeeping schemes, Clock PMS+ allows you to manage your housekeeping efficiently using the room status alone. Rooms can be assigned the following statuses:

  • Clean (OK) - The room is clean and ready for occupancy.
  • Inspect - The room requires inspection.
  • Progress - The room is currently being cleaned.
  • Dirty - The room requires cleaning.

If an attempt is made to check in a booking to a room labeled as Inspect, Progress, or Dirty, you will receive a notification alerting you that the room is not yet clean, with a request for your confirmation to proceed. When a booking is checked out, the room's status automatically updates to "Dirty". Room statuses are visible on the Operating screens.

Lost & Found Register

This feature allows you to record any guest property that has been lost or found. Detailed information, including photographs of the item, can be added to the register. This tool also allows you to search for items based on custom text or the time period when the item was lost or found.

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