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Our booking engine is equipped with an array of configurable settings designed to accommodate your unique needs and preferences.

Children Age Restriction

This crucial setting allows you to define the maximum age of a child as per your business model. It is particularly essential if your pricing strategy is contingent on the age of children, ensuring the accuracy of pricing. Even if your pricing isn't age-dependent, this setting helps clarify for guests how their children will be classified.

Multiple Room Booking

This feature modifies the engine's behaviour, enabling guests to conveniently book multiple rooms at the same rate with a single click.

Advance Booking Period Restriction

This allows you to control how far in advance bookings are accepted. For instance, you can set it up such that same-day arrivals cannot be booked.

Cut-off Time

This complements the 'Advanced Booking Limit' feature by defining a cut-off time for accepting bookings each day. For instance, you could allow same-day bookings but set a limit that bookings won't be accepted after 5 PM.

Product Sort Order

This flexible feature allows you to sort your products based on ascending, descending, or a custom sort order, enhancing the user experience.

Text Translations

With the engine supporting multiple languages, we've ensured that every bit of text added to the booking engine can be translated, including room types, rates, guarantee options, descriptions of extra services, and your hotel policy.

Visual Customisation

Given that the Web Booking Engine is one of the primary interfaces your guests interact with, we understand the importance of aligning it with your branding and design philosophy. Hence, we've embedded several options to help you tailor the booking engine to your brand identity, such as:

  • Theme: Choose between a dark or light theme.
  • Brand Color: Define the color of various buttons and accents throughout the engine.
  • Text on Brand Color: Select the color of the text in buttons and accents, which can be either white or black.
  • Background Image: Upload a background image of your choice.
  • Button and Input Style: Opt for rounded or rectangular styles for buttons.
  • Calendar Position: Define the position of the calendar on the home page.

These customisation options are designed to give you a visually appealing and functional booking engine that aligns with your brand's identity.

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