Housekeeping Features

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Hotel housekeeping is a crucial component in any hotel's operations. Effective management of this service ensures guest satisfaction, leading to repeat customers.

Functional Features

Clock PMS+ provides a suite of tools to optimize the efficiency of your housekeeping services. Below is a summary of what you can leverage:

Housekeeping activities

These are individual activities performed by your staff relating to daily room servicing. You can customize the number and type of activities based on your needs and standards. Housekeeping tasks also extend to special customer requests, such as providing a baby cot in a room.

Housekeeping Credits (Task Completion Time)

For each task, you can define a maximum time for completion by assigning a specific number of credits. You can also set a daily limit of housekeeping credits for housekeeping employees. These credits represent the total time each employee can devote to housekeeping tasks within their shift. They are essential for evenly distributing work among staff members. Housekeeping credits enable efficient staffing plans based on anticipated workload.

Housekeeping Schemes

These schemes outline: what activities should be performed, when they should be executed, and for what room type. You can create as many schemes as necessary to cover all daily room service tasks.

Room-Type Related Schemes

All schemes tied to specific room types are automatically activated when a room of that type is occupied. You can assign an unlimited number of tasks to each scheme. For each task, you can specify:

Execution Timing

You can designate whether the task should be activated on:

  • The day of arrival
  • The day of departure
  • Repeat after a certain number of days

Housekeeping Credits

You can assign a unique number of housekeeping credits, different from the default one. For instance, when setting up a cleaning scheme for an apartment, the 'Daily Cleaning' task might require more time than the default for other room types.

Charge Template-Related Schemes

To seamlessly relay information from the sales department to the housekeeping department, you can assign a housekeeping scheme in the accrual templates. This creates a linkage between additional services, tariffs (via the charge templates of the package items), and specific housekeeping activities. Activating the corresponding template generates the tasks set in the associated scheme. Such housekeeping schemes are not linked to a room type but to a specific charge template.

Out of service-Related Schemes

By associating a Scheme with an OOS status, the included activities will only be performed when a room is marked with the respective OOS status. This ensures the if the room requires treatment by the housekeepers, those activities will be generated in the report.

Housekeeping Sectors

These sectors are defined when setting up the rooms. They facilitate the allocation of housekeeping tasks and group tasks for hotel housekeeping reports.

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