Managing Meeting rooms and Catering

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Meeting rooms

  • If you have meeting rooms that you rent out, with Clock PMS+ you will be able to:
  • Configure the meeting rooms you have and add a description of their features and capacity;
  • Reflect the occupancy of each room by hours and days;
  • Specify preferences in the arrangement and equipment of the meeting room, accompanied by photos for better illustration for the client;
  • To add internal notes to assist staff;
  • To set the rent due, which will be added to the final offer amount;

Meeting Room Calendar

The calendar allows you to track the availability of each meeting room by day and time. You are able to:

  • Expand the calendar up to 31 days;
  • Load information for all or only the selected meeting rooms;
  • Rescale the calendar to suit your needs;
  • Open a specific meeting room booking with the option to view and edit;
  • Create a new meeting room booking to be added to an existing event or create a new one;
  • Have a visual indication of the status of meeting room bookings;
  • Have an option to quickly access the calendar through the event view screen


For each event, you have the option to set multiple activities related to the catering provided. You can specify:

  • Distribution by hours and restaurants;
  • Room arrangement guidelines and number of people attending;
  • A description for the client regarding the menu content;
  • Additional notes for staff;
  • An option to reflect the amount due, which will be added to the final offer amount;

Track activities

The activities screen allows you to quickly load all activities for a given period. You will get a chronological list by dates and times. You can also use the screen for a number of operational functions:

  • Quick access to the profile of the company organising the event;
  • Ability to open the details of the event to which the activity belongs having the option to view and edit;
  • Quick access to edit the parameters of the respective activity;
  • Ability to filter activities by event venue;
  • Option to load a list of specific types of activity as well as a list of those related to a specific company;
  • You can generate separate lists of activities related to catering and those related to meeting room preparation;
  • Ability to display all details of an activity with additional notes and instructions to staff;

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