Rate Packages

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The rate packages are a feature of the Clock PMS+ rate system. They let you establish a package price for a room, incorporating not only the nightly rate, but also additional services. These services could range from meals included with accommodation to spa treatments.

Understanding Rate Packages

Rate Packages are predetermined. While establishing a rate, you can decide if it will incorporate a package (this is optional). If a package is chosen, the room prices do not surge according to the service cost in the package. The aim of the package is to split the total price into individual services, providing an in-depth overview.

One rate can include just one package, but one rate package may be applicable to multiple rates.

Charging for Packages

There is no limit to the number of rate packages you can establish. You have the following possibilities:

  • Unlimited services within the package;
  • Each service can have unique pricing and tax rates;
  • Pricing for each service can be a set amount or a percentage of the rate's price;
  • You can set the chargeable quantity;
  • You can establish different age limits for children, enabling variable charges based on age;
  • Each service can be set to appear on the guest folio or designated for internal reporting purposes.

Charging Schemes

You can decide if a service is charged per booking, guest, adult or child. For each service, you can determine if it is to be charged once, on specific days, each day of the stay or on a specific calendar day. You can also set a timing offset for the charge relative to the overnight stay, allowing it to be posted on the following day.


Your rate system can function without rate packages. If you don't offer package deals, they're unnecessary. If you prefer less analytical detail in your reporting, you can forgo them. It's worth noting, however, that omitting rate packages may lead to inaccurate financial metrics.

For example, if you offer a package deal (like an overnight stay bundled with meals) and don't use packages to split the price into separate services, your Average Daily Rate (ADR) may appear inflated, as it will include meal costs. Consequently, your accounting department may lack comprehensive information on the services provided.

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