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Company profiles offer a wide range of features designed to streamline your business operations:

Corporate Contracts and Pricing

Company profiles allow you to preset negotiated prices for hotel services. The rates included in the company profile are accessible for bookings made via phone and through the WRS system.

Automated Charge Transfer

You can choose to automatically transfer accommodation costs for certain bookings to the company's account. This functionality aggregates services from various bookings into a single company account, which can then be invoiced. Please note that this feature requires enabling charge transfer to the company.

Invoicing for Company-Related Multiple Bookings

Beyond automated transfer, manual transfer of services from bookings connected to the company to pre-created accounts is also possible. Services consolidated in company accounts can be invoiced at particular intervals unrelated to the duration of specific bookings, such as monthly.

Invoicing for Multiple Services Associated with Companies or Events

Alongside specific booking services, all types of services can be billed and grouped together. Services can be transferred from different establishments within the hotel premises like the lobby bar or restaurant. Accounts for events organized by the company are also linked to the company and charged for all event-related services.

Payment Tracking

The system allows for tracking payments related to each company's settled accounts, overdue payments, and any breaches of the established credit limit.

Commission Management

The system provides a tool for calculating the commission due to a travel agent or online travel agency. It also allows for designating which bookings have already had their commissions paid.

Comprehensive List of Bookings and Events

The company profile offers an efficient way to access a complete list of all bookings and events for a specific period where a particular profile has been selected as a Company/Agent. The system supports separate list filtering based on the profile's role in the booking/event.

Company Account Overview

The company profile provides a tool for tracking all open and closed company accounts, including open accounts of bookings associated with the company. It facilitates the transfer of selected service types from the booking accounts to the company's account for invoicing.

Financial and Statistical Reports

Access a variety of financial and statistical reports on the revenue and occupancy generated by each company, dependent on its role in the bookings/events.

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