Users and User Groups

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User Categories in Clock PMS+

Subscription/Master User

Upon activation of a Clock PMS+ subscription, a master user account is created. The primary user has the privilege of full administrative access, empowering them to add and manage standard users within the system. Notably, any network restrictions defined in the trusted networks settings do not limit the primary user's accessibility.

Standard Users

Standard users encompass all additional users of the system, beyond the primary user. Their accessibility can be tailored through trusted network restrictions. Each standard user's account can be customized in the following ways:

  • Selection of accounts accessible to them
  • Assignment of specific permissions within those accounts
  • Determination of their user group affiliation
  • Choice of To-Do channels they monitor
  • Applicable password policy
  • Language

API Users

API users serve a specific purpose: to facilitate connections to external systems. The management of these users lies entirely within Clock Software's domain. For every unique integration, Clock Software establishes an API user with the required permissions. Standard users provided they have the requisite rights, can only disable these API users.

User Groups

User groups simplify the task of user management within Clock PMS+, particularly when dealing with a large number of users. By delegating permissions to a group rather than individual users, it allows for efficient management of access rights. Users with identical permissions are grouped together. Consequently, adjusting group permissions alters the rights of all users within that group. However, it's worth noting that any rights explicitly assigned to a specific user take precedence over their group permissions.

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