Company configuration options

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While all companies operate under unique circumstances, their configurations don't inherently differ. The distinction lies in how their individual profiles are utilized. Potential configuration settings encompass the following elements:

Primary Company Information

This includes all requisite details needed to draft documents, which populate the document's recipient section. This information automatically fills out all company folios.

Contact Details

These encompass the company's phone number, fax, postal address, and email.

Contact Person List

This catalogue of individuals can be selected as the primary contacts for bookings and events tied to the company profile. All correspondence regarding these activities is funneled to these individuals.


If a company falls under a larger commercial entity, its branch can be identified. This information is also accessible via the API.

Permission for Charge Transfer

If activated, company folios can receive charges from external systems and other folios.

Payment Period for Closed Folios

This feature is used to calculate a final due date for outstanding amounts.

Credit Limit

This represents the maximum outstanding balance permitted in closed folios.

Commission Percentage

If applicable, you can establish the commission percentage, along with the service types used as the foundation for its computation.

Rate List

This setting allows you to tie rates to negotiated rates applicable to the company's specific bookings.

Company Contract

This outlines one or more rate tags utilized for defining a particular company's rates. Besides the associated negotiated rates, the contract also stipulates an expiration date which will restrict creating bookings with dates after the expiration date. A company contract can link to an unlimited number of companies.

Booking engine Access Code

This code identifies the company in the Online Booking Engine. Consequently, during the reservation process, the booking engine exclusively presents prices established in the company profile.

Marketing Elements

You can set values for marketing elements that automatically populate in companies related to the booking, regardless of whether the company books via phone or through the booking engine.

Additional (Custom) Fields

In Clock PMS+, we've facilitated the configuration of custom fields unique to your company profiles, where you can enter specific information not covered by standard fields. You can format these fields to your liking, and even establish a selection of values from which to choose. Beyond the convenience of logging important details, you also have the capacity to segment financial and statistical reports according to the fields you designate.

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