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Customizing Guest Profiles

The 'Guest Profile' feature in our PMS system allows you to collect and organize specific data from guests across all hotels under your subscription. Each data field in a profile stores a distinct piece of guest information. Here's how you can tailor these features to better suit your needs:

Field Configuration

Value Lists

You can assign specific values to a field to be selected from a dropdown menu, eliminating the need for manual input each time.

Data Encryption

To comply with local data privacy laws such as GDPR, you have the option to encrypt specific fields that contain sensitive data.

Highlighting Key Information

Mark which guest details are crucial for easy tracking of their completion status.

Custom Fields

You have the flexibility to create your own fields to collect specific information not catered for by the existing system fields.

Field Arrangement and Visibility

In addition to configuring individual fields, you can customize their usage and placement.

Field Sorting

Dictate the sequence in which the fields appear on the screens.

Field Visibility

Control the visibility of each field on different screens and printouts. The visibility settings apply to:

  • Short and long versions of the new profile form
  • Hotel Registry
  • Guest's Registration Card
  • Booking Folio
  • MyBooking Portal
  • Booking engine

Required Field

You can designate specific fields as mandatory for completion by guests in the MyBooking Portal, Online Check-In, or Web Booking System.

Default Values

Set default values to appear for specific fields across all screens.

Additional Settings

These settings apply to all hotels in your subscription:

Masking Sensitive Data

You can mask personal guest data, making it visible only to users with high-level access.

Guest Data Retention Period

Decide on the duration (in months) for which guest data will be retained in Clock PMS+. Post this period, all encrypted guest data will be automatically deleted.

ID Processor Settings

If you're using the ID Processor service to process documents and retrieve guest registration data, you can control whether document images should be stored.

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