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The Guest Mailer is a dynamic tool that facilitates both automated and manual communication with your guests. With a myriad of pre-designed email templates and precise rule-based delivery, it is designed to save you a significant amount of time and effort, eliminating the need to continually craft new emails or modify existing templates.

Key features of the Guest Mailer:

Automated Email Delivery

The Guest Mailer's standout feature is its capacity for sending automated emails. This system relies on pre-established email templates and rules to dictate delivery. The platform provides a variety of trigger points and filters, allowing for different emails to reach their intended recipients. By incorporating 'placeholders' in your email templates, the system can automatically customize each message with relevant details like names, booking information, and more.

Manual Email Dispatch

The Guest Mailer also supports manual email dispatch. This could involve sending emails initially set for automatic delivery or deploying custom templates not pre-set for automation. The system allows you to curate a 'library' of email templates for various situations, ready to be dispatched when necessary. A few clicks are all it takes to send these templates, and with the use of 'placeholders,' there's no need to manually edit recipient names, booking details, etc.

Marketing Campaign Management

The Guest Mailer also caters to your marketing needs. It can differentiate between guests who have opted in or out of marketing emails. This includes a filter that controls which marketing emails are sent only to guests or bookings that have chosen to receive such communication.

Overall, the Guest Mailer is a robust feature built to streamline your guest communication needs effectively and efficiently.

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