Tour Operator contracts

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The specialized module 'Tour Operator Contracts' is aimed at easing the price calculation in contracts with tour operators. Each contract is entered into the profile of the Company it refers to. The contract has two main settings - 'Conditions' and 'Rates'. The first part covers the pricing conditions as they appear in the contract. The second part involves configuring how these conditions can be applied in bookings as selectable rates.


When setting the conditions you will be able to:

  • indicate the Room types and Boards (meals) included in the contract
  • indicate how (if any) City Tax will be calculated
  • set Age groups for children
  • define the seasons are depicted in the contract
  • set Base products
  • set the Extra boards as described in your contract
  • indicate the conditions for various combinations of the number of adults and children in various age groups
  • set calculation algorithms and conditions for Free nights or Early bird discounts included in your contract.


Once conditions are set, you can proceed to create actual rates that can be selected in Tour Operator bookings. Once selected, the system will check the contract from which the rate comes from, see the information in the booking and post the accommodation charges based on both.

Other features

There are several additional tools designed to assist in your work with contracts or tour operator bookings:

  • you can copy a contract to another tour operator profile or for a new season
  • we have created a special Folio view designed to show all information about the booking and how the final calculation on the invoice has been done.

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