Accounts Receivables

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In addition to basic operations involving charges, payments, and documents, we offer the ability to manage accounts receivable. This unique feature permits closing folios without the necessity of adding payments for the services charged. Here's how you can customize it:

Payment Term

This term can be adjusted according to the number of days post-closing the folio when the payment becomes due. There are three ways to set it:

  • As a standard payment term for all closed folios.
  • As a company-specific payment term.
  • As a distinct payment term for a specific folio.

Credit Limit

For corporate clients, you can allocate a credit limit, indicating the highest amount that the company can accumulate as a liability.

Accrued Liabilities

Keep track of the total liabilities for each company and booking, as well as the overall liabilities for closed folios.

Overdue Payments

Monitor overdue payments for each company and booking, along with the aggregate overdue amounts in closed folios.

Our platform gives you the power to manage your finances more efficiently and effectively, tailored to your specific needs.

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