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With Clock PMS+, streamline your guest registration process, keep track of your frequent customers, and implement various mailing campaigns with utmost ease. Here are the tools you can leverage:

ID Processor - Document Processing

This feature auto-processes images of documents, extracts relevant information, and automatically populates these details into the respective fields in registration cards — all within a span of just 20 seconds. Our cutting-edge technology is capable of recognising documents from over 200 countries, accurately extracting necessary details, and verifying the document's authenticity.

Signature Pads / Tablets

Maximize the use of any tablet featuring a web browser and internet access to seamlessly present your hotel's policies and terms and conditions at check-in. This method allows for the effective collection of guest signatures, ensuring their agreement with these stipulations.

Guest Classification

Categorise your guests based on particular attributes. Utilise these categories to differentiate among various types of guests within your bookings and profile list. For instance, you can readily distinguish between your regular and problematic guests.

Customised Notes for Each Guest

To offer a personalised experience to each guest, you can add specific notes to their profile, visible across all booking screens during any of their stays.

Profile Merging

In the event of duplicate guest profiles, this feature allows you to consolidate the details into a single profile, ensuring accuracy and coherence.

Mailing Lists

Clock PMS+ simplifies the construction and organisation of your marketing campaigns. Create as many mailing lists as required, filter guests, and add them to the fitting list with a few simple clicks. For easy access and use, export your list to MailChimp or as a CSV file.

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