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We've designed the To-Dos feature to streamline communication among different departments at your hotel. It's a digital upgrade to the paper memos and diaries traditionally used for work instructions, reminders, important notes, etc.

To-Do Types

Automatic To-Dos

Clock PMS+ is an automated system, and as such will automatically generate To-Dos without the need for manual intervention. ToDo tasks will be generated by (but not limited to):

  • Bookings coming in automatically from the Channel Manager or your Booking engine.
  • Requests for booking modifications received via the MyBooking Portal.
  • If you've enabled payment services, a ToDo is generated for a successful payment
  • Automatic upgrades via the MyBooking Portal

Manually entered To-Dos

Users have the ability to add custom notes in the To-Do format. These notes can be linked to a specific booking, company, or planned event or simply serve as reminders on the work screen, appearing to the intended recipients. For each To-Do, you can specify:

  • Activation date
  • Priority level
  • Designated channel
  • Assigned individual for execution
  • Completion status

To-Do Organization


Various channels allow for a structured arrangement of To-Dos. Automatic To-Dos are allocated to the channel that originated them - such as Bookings, Channel Manager, Payments, etc. Manual To-Dos can be assigned to these channels or to ones created specifically for them, like the Reception channel which contains all To-Dos related to receptionists.


During user setup, you can dictate which To-Do channels are visible to each user. For instance, front desk employees might see the Bookings and Reception channels, while housekeeping staff might only see the Housekeeping channel. Users can only view and manage To-Dos from channels they have access to.

Work Screen

Users can customize their work screen display. To-Dos are positioned here to ensure visibility. You can set a location for the short and/or detailed To-Do list on your home screen, which will include all incomplete To-Dos from the enabled channels for that user. To-Dos assigned to a specific individual are clearly separated.

To-Do Archive

A comprehensive list of all system-registered To-Dos is maintained. Detailed information for each includes:

  • Creation date and creator
  • Most recent update and updater
  • Completion date and completer.

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