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The Online Check-In application is expertly crafted to enhance your guest's check-in experience. It effectively becomes an intuitive self-check-in system that visitors can navigate independently, significantly simplifying the process. The application's simplicity, coupled with the swift check-in functionality, fosters guest autonomy and economizes both your staff's and guests' time, eliminating lengthy front desk procedures.

Core Features

Optimized Mobile Experience

While designing the app, we prioritized its seamless operation across various mobile devices. Given the ever-increasing reliance on smartphones for daily activities, we anticipate that most guests will utilize this method for their check-in process.

User-friendly Interface

The app boasts a minimalist design that intuitively navigates the guest through every stage of the Online Check-In process, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience.

Integrated Payment Interfaces

The online check-in feature enables guests to securely input their credit card details, facilitated by an integrated payment interface.

Automated Registration Card Completion

Guests have the option to manually complete their registration cards or leverage our efficient ID Processor service. This service scans document photos, extracts the necessary information, and populates the relevant fields in the registration cards — all within a rapid 20-second timeframe. The technology supports document recognition from over 200 countries, ensuring accuracy and authenticity.

Customizable Aesthetics

The app offers customization options to align with your brand identity. You can personalize features such as your logo, brand colors, and control shapes to foster brand recognition.

Process Overview

The Online Check-In process encompasses four fundamental steps, all aimed at collecting required information efficiently and making the registration process swift and seamless for the guest.


The welcoming interface greets the guest and provides a concise summary of their booking information.


The guest is guided to fill in their details on the registration card, either manually or using the ID Processor service for automated completion.

Credit Card Information

If your system mandates credit card details, the guest will be prompted to input or modify this information.

Terms Agreement and Signature

The guest is presented with the hotel's policy at this stage. They must agree to the terms and provide a signature to proceed.


Bookings that have been successfully processed via Online Check-In are distinctly marked in Clock PMS+, allowing effortless tracking of registered bookings.

Accessing the App

To enable your guests to use the app, they must be supplied with an access link. The system generates a unique link for each booking, which can be incorporated into the confirmation email or another dedicated communication.

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