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Our innovative tools are specifically designed to streamline your workflow and significantly expedite the process of querying availability and prices in response to customer inquiries.

Rate and Availability Dashboard

The Rate and Availability dashboard is engineered to expedite the response to queries about room availability and pricing. This dashboard is an indispensable tool for telephone reservations and registering inquiries from potential customers.

Features include:

  • Access to all system-configured rates, with an option to specify preferred rates for regular use.
  • Capability to search for a specific room type, number, availability, and price.
  • Computation of an exact price according to a defined period, the number of guests, and children's ages.
  • The proposed rates are subject to restrictions set in the rates, like the number of guests, minimum stay, etc., along with room availability.
  • If the rate includes packages with a limited number of services, their availability is also factored in.
  • Company selection feature, which automatically brings up the agreed rates for the company.
  • Quick booking creation with auto-fill for: booking period, number of guests and their ages, selected room or room type, company (if selected), and the chosen price with all its elements - meals, guarantee policy, marketing aspects.
  • Swiftly create a booking inquiry by adding quotes with prices for various room types and possible booking periods.
  • Toggle for a calendar view featuring detailed pricing and availability information for each day of the selected period.
  • All staff descriptions assigned to specific rooms, room types, and rates are readily accessible in the dashboard.
  • Swift access to the "Occupancy Forecast" dashboard for availability searches in other periods.

Occupancy Forecast Dashboard

This dashboard gives you a summarized view of all rooms' availability information by type. It can be utilized for any period, even for dates that have passed.

Features include:

  • Predefined periods of 7, 14, and 30 days for rapid load and switch between different timeframes.
  • Option for a summary view with availability data by room type only.
  • Detailed view providing comprehensive data for each date on: capacity, number of bookings, blocks, and rooms taken off sale.
  • Option to include or exclude optional blocks.
  • Information about occupied rooms from bookings and blocks, split by different segments. Choices include: Booking Status, Marketing Channel, Marketing Source, Marketing Segment.
  • Capacity Correction feature allows you to increase or decrease rooms from the respective occupancy for each date and room type, thereby altering the actual room capacity available to you. This adjusted availability is reflected across all channels you sell through. You can use this feature for operations like:
  • Controlled Overbooking: Increase the number of rooms available for sale for specific dates.
  • Quick Block: Temporarily stop the sale of a certain quantity of rooms for a given period without the need to create blocks or bookings.
  • External Availability: Using the API, manage the hotel's available rooms through an external system.
  • Quick booking entry option.
  • Export availability data in an XLSX format.

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