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During the initial configuration phase of Clock PMS+, there are several critical global settings that warrant attention, encompassing elements such as basic property details, tax specifics, and room categories.

Fundamental Data

  • Hotel Name: You have the autonomy to determine the name of your property. This identifier will be prominently displayed system-wide and in all guest interactions.
  • Hotel Email: This setting allows you to designate the email address that will act as the sender for all outbound correspondence via Clock PMS+. Incoming guest responses will funnel directly to your inbox.
  • Time Zone: This setting dictates the property's location-specific time zone, which is instrumental in ensuring precise report generation and accurate time management.

Billing Details 

This module affords you the liberty to tailor your business's billing details that will be depicted on the invoices you issue. Several input fields are provided to encapsulate diverse data; however, their usage is discretionary, allowing you to present only the information mandated by local fiscal legislation.

Logos and Imagery

Clock PMS+ incorporates a comprehensive image library function where you can upload and manage your visual assets. This section includes brand logos that will be automatically embedded into default confirmation emails and folios.

Location and Mapping

Regardless of whether you manage a single traditional property or operate a serviced apartments enterprise with multiple locations, you can input these location details into Clock PMS+. Each site will then have an associated map, conveniently guiding guests via confirmation emails.

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