Guest Profiles

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Individuals' data is stored in guest profiles. These profiles are shared across all hotels within your subscription. This facilitates the use and updating of a profile created at one hotel by other hotels within the same subscription.

Usage Scenarios


Guest profiles play a significant role in managing bookings, serving two primary functions:

Guests in the Booking

Each new booking is associated with a specific guest profile. When initiating a new booking, you can choose from existing guest profiles or create a new one. If you link the new booking to a company profile instead of an individual guest, the system will automatically generate a new guest profile and link it to that booking. Furthermore, you can create a profile for each additional guest involved in the booking, or use an existing one if available.

Registration Cards and Hotel Registry

The guest's information from the booking is captured in a registration card and stored in the profile created for them. This information is subsequently used in the Hotel Registry. The next time the same guest visits your hotel, there's no need to re-enter their details; simply verify if the existing data is up-to-date. The type of information collected from guests can be managed through settings. For additional information, refer to the 'Possible profile settings' section.

Contact Person

Besides being a guest, a profile can also serve as the contact person for bookings. All booking-related correspondence is sent to this contact person.


Within companies, guest profiles can be designated as contact persons. When a booking is tied to a specific company, the contact persons' details can be transferred into the booking as the designated contact.


The role of profiles at events mirrors that of a contact person. It can be imported from the company organizing the event (if a contact person has been assigned in their profile), selected from existing profiles in the system, or a new profile can be created if the person is not already listed in Clock PMS+. All event-related communication is sent to the designated contact person.


A guest profile can be chosen as the recipient of the folio or document.

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