Guarantee Policies

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In Clock PMS+, we employ guarantee policies to automate deposit calculations for each booking and establish their payment deadlines.

How They Operate

Primarily used within your booking engine, guarantee policies can also be implemented during manual booking entries. As a booking is initiated, the guarantee amount and the fulfillment deadline are automatically computed. This calculated deposit and its associated guarantee and cancellation stipulations are then included in the confirmation email dispatched to the customer.

Associations with Rates

A specific guarantee policy can be linked to each rate, whether it applies to the entire rate, a particular season, or a singular day. You can tailor diverse guarantee conditions based on the rates and booking periods offered. For instance, a "Non-Refundable Value" policy can correlate with lower-priced rates, while a "Standard Guarantee" can apply to regular-priced rates.

In situations where a rate contains multiple guarantee policies and the booking spans across periods covered by different policies, the system defaults to the policy with the highest priority.

Connection with Cancellation Policy

Every guarantee policy can be tied to a specific cancellation policy. This integration allows the cancellation conditions outlined in the linked cancellation policy to be applied concurrently through the guarantee in the booking.

Payment Services

Payment services function within your booking engine and the guest portal. The selected payment service in the guarantee policy determines the booking finalization method, whether it's online payment, credit card details submission, or bank payment.

Deposit Calculation

Deposit calculations function similarly to cancellation fees and can be:

  • Fixed Amount: A set deposit that remains independent of the booking's total cost.
  • Relative Amount: This deposit calculation is dependent on the booking price. You can specify the revenue groups for calculation, either as a percentage of the total booking price or as a cost equivalent to a certain number of nights' stay.

Guarantee Fulfilment Period

You can determine the period within which the guarantee must be honored. This period can be defined as a maximum number of days from the booking date or a minimum number of days before the guest's arrival. Any bookings that fail to meet the guarantee within the specified period are prominently displayed in order to follow up with the guest.

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