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Designated Contact

When making a booking, you have the option to specify a designated contact person who might be different from the guest. All booking-related communications will be channeled through this individual.

Integration with Housekeeping

Our system offers a streamlined method to communicate notes and tasks to the housekeeping team directly from the booking interface. This can include information regarding room stocking, or issues that arise during a guest's stay.

Flexible Room Moves

Our platform allows you to handle room moves during a stay effortlessly, providing flexibility and smooth transitions for guests.

Information for guest pick-up

With every booking, you can indicate arrival and/or departure information. If your establishment provides services such as airport transfers, our system will generate a daily summary of all transfers for your convenience.

Interfacing with External Systems

Clock PMS+ offers a robust functionality that enables the import of charges from external systems like POS or PBX. For each booking, you can authorize the inclusion of these charges.

Customizable Booking Fields

Our system offers flexibility by allowing you to choose which booking fields are essential for your operations. You can enforce these fields as mandatory upon booking entry. Additionally, you can set default values for fields that require consistent data.

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