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Employing marketing elements can enrich your understanding of sales channel performance. We believe that you should have full autonomy over these elements, hence we've designed them to be customizable. However, we've structured these elements into three distinct categories:

Marketing Source

Think of these as overarching groups or classifications of bookings, such as Direct and OTA.

Marketing Channel

These are subgroups that fall under a particular source. For instance, Hotel Website, Telephone booking, Walk-in all fall under the 'Direct' source, while, Expedia, and Airbnb belong to the 'OTA' source.

Marketing Segment

These are specialized groups that you can create based on the specific classification criteria of your bookings, like Leisure, Business Traveler, Conference, and more.


Given their significance in the system, particularly in reporting, you can attach these marketing elements to multiple objects like rates, events, company profiles, etc. This streamlines your workflow by auto-applying predefined elements to a booking when you select a rate or company profile, thus eliminating manual selection for each booking.

The principal goal of these elements is to facilitate thorough segmentation of bookings to monitor performance. Several system reports offer the capability to segment information by these elements. This lets you view specific data, such as total 'Direct' revenue or 'Hotel website' revenue. In addition, these elements enable you to generate a wealth of statistics and find bookings under a specific element. For example, you can easily track all OTA bookings or just those from

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