Pre check-in capabilities

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Our application empowers guests with full control over their booking journey. Upon receiving confirmation, guests can access a user-friendly portal to make any requests or modifications. Concurrently, you can capitalize on this direct interaction by offering additional services or personalized promotions, thus opening avenues for further revenue. The whole process unfolds online, eliminating the need for phone calls or front desk visits.

The application tailors itself to the guests' journey stages, offering various options based on when they use the app:

Before Arrival

The following features are accessible until check-in:

Booking Guarantee

Guests can conveniently secure their booking through the portal. This is even telephone bookings to provide the guarantee online and in a secure environment. Depending on your guarantee policy settings, they can either enter their credit card details or utilize the payment services to settle the required amount.

Special Offers (Upgrades)

A standout feature of the app is automated upgrades, activated through the portal settings. The system suggests higher-tier rooms and rates based on your pricing configuration and current availability. Upon acceptance, the booking is automatically updated, notifying you and sending an updated confirmation to the customer.

Registration Card Completion

To streamline the check-in process, guests can fill in their registration cards, agree to your terms, and sign the cards in advance. You can specify the number of registration cards required per booking via settings and even capture a photo of their identification document.

Room Selection

This optional feature enables guests to choose their preferred room. You can also control when this feature becomes available before arrival.

Booking Changes Enquiries

The portal allows guests to make a variety of requests before their arrival. Please note that these requests do not automatically modify the booking and need your attention. These might include changing the booking period, room type, number of guests, special requests, and arrival/departure times.


When enabled, guests can cancel bookings directly from the portal regardless of the cancellation policy terms. On cancellation, the policy details are presented to the guest for acknowledgment.

However, bookings made through OTAs must be cancelled through the respective OTA. Cancellation notifications are instantly sent to the hotel.

You Are Almost Here

This feature is only available on the arrival day. It lets guests quickly update the hotel about their location. You can pre-set nearby locations for the guests to choose from and notify you accordingly.

The options outlined above are concealed post check-in or cancellation, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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