Taxes and Fees

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Clock PMS+ provides you with versatile options to correctly configure your taxes and fees settings. This is crucial in maintaining compliance with local laws, accurate reporting, efficient accounting, and determining appropriate selling prices.

Tax Calculation Modes

Clock PMS+ caters to global needs by offering several tax calculation modes. These allow you to comply with the tax laws and regulations in your region.

  • No Tax: No tax amounts are calculated or posted.
  • Tax Included in Prices, Rounding Total - Here, tax is encompassed in the set prices in rates and charge templates. The tax amount rounding is applied to the total.
  • Tax Included in Prices, Rounding Per Line - Similar to the previous, but tax rounding is applied to each line of the folio.
  • Tax Not Included in Prices, Rounding Total - Tax is added to the prices set in rates and charge templates, with tax rounding applied to the total.
  • Tax Not Included in Prices, Rounding Per Line - Like the previous mode, but tax rounding happens per line of the folio.

Tax Customization

You can define the tax name (like VAT, GST, or IVA) and a default tax percentage, which is applied system-wide. We've provided flexibility to set varying tax rates for different services or items where needed.

City Tax Configuration

City taxes, although differing greatly from one region to another, are a common factor in the hospitality industry. Acknowledging this, we've incorporated a comprehensive City Tax module offering several options for calculation and application.

City Tax Charge Settings

In most instances, City Tax is applied as a charge in the folio. The following settings can be configured:

  • Revenue Category - The city tax will automatically be posted in the 'City Tax' Revenue Group, but you can define a category as well.
  • Text/Print Text - This setting allows you to control the charge's internal text and the 'Print Text', which appears on the folios.
  • Tax Percentage - If tax is applied to the City Tax, you can set the respective percentage here.
  • Calculation description - to include in the guest folio a detailed description of the calculation of the City Tax.

City Tax Amount Calculation

You can calculate the City Tax amount using various methods:

  • Price Night - A static price per night.
  • Price Adult - A static price per night per adult.
  • Price Child: A static price per night per child.
  • Percent - a percentage amount of the rate charges. By default, only charges in the 'Rooms' revenue group are used for the calculation, but you can include revenue categories from other revenue groups so that bundled (packaged) services are included in the calculation.
  • Reduced price for children - you can define child age, which will allow you to set 2 different City Tax prices for 2 children age groups.

City Tax Calculation Modes

You also need to determine the calculation method for City Tax:

  • Extra, Separate Charge - City tax is added to the rate price and posted as a separate charge in the folio.
  • Included, Separate Charge - City tax is included in the rate price and posted as a separate charge in the folio.
  • Included, Joint Charge -  City tax is included in the rate price, with the amount indicated in the folio but not posted as a separate charge.

Multi-Currency Support

With Clock PMS+, you can post payments, create rates, and control the currency of charges or entire folios in various currencies. You must specify one currency as your primary, and other currencies can be added with a static exchange rate towards your main currency. This functionality brings added flexibility to your business operations.

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